Garden – Valencia

We visited this lovely garden in the summer where they had rare flowers and plants as well as some beautiful trees. This garden was extra special as cats live inside . As you walk around you can spot cats often sleeping under trees, in bushes but sometimes just walking around eyeing the birds. What else can cats ask for?


Valencia – Spain

This summer my family chose to move and live in Spain. After living in France for 7 years and Italy for 6 mouths we came to Spain and live right outside the city Valencia. Valencia is a beautiful city with old buildings and amazing new ones. My family have never been city people and that’s why Valencia works so well for us. We have a lovely house 20 minutes outside of Valencia, where there are parks and wild patches of trees but get in the car and 20 minutes later you are in the center of a busy city with everything you need as well as a beach.

This city really beautiful