Bioparc – Valencia

Here are two videos I took of my favorite animals inside the lovely Bioparc (both videos have no sound):

Filmed on Nokia phone


New film

Me and my film crew: Connor Drew, Elliot Burns, Sarah Cantwell and Ben Spry, have finally finished our hardest project yet; Malus. Which is a about a man called John Brain (played by Ben Spry) who buys a restaurant and soon finds that it is not all what it seems to be.

The biggest challenge about this project was the location. It’s hard being students as we can’t pay to film in restaurants (even if someone did tell us it was about £200 if we wanted to film there in the day time) so finding a place with plenty of time to film but also some where that fits what we want was a very hard task when we found the PL1, a restaurant that the Plymouth City College owned and got permission to film there.

I took the job of cameraman as I really wanted to show what my skills are. When the camera first gets placed in my hands I do get nervous, worrying that my shot isn’t right, that it’s not what we want or if the lighting isn’t good enough but after filming two shots all those thoughts went out of my head and filming became smooth.

It took a from 10:30am to 4:30pm to get the film filmed then about three weeks of editing done by the whole group to make the Malus film.