My name is Amy Fabienne Camp, I’m 19 years old currently living in England. We moved around a lot when we were little but the biggest move was to France when I was 12. The whole family moved to France in 2009 to start our new life but even in France every two years we packed our bags and moved somewhere else. Always looking for the perfect place to live.

It was France that brought out my love of photography as the scenery we saw was lovely and the sun was nearly always up in the sky giving us great sunny views. It was also then that I started making films with my younger sister and then we included our close friends, we made crime films, horror films, a trailer for a book I had been writing and then we went through a stage of making music video after music video. It wasn’t until we moved to Italy for six months that I started taking film making and photography serious, it was hard as we lived up an mountain with no other kids our age and we couldn’t speak a word of Italian we didn’t have much else to do other than make videos with the villagers giving us odd looks.

After living seven years in France and six months in Italy we came back to England where I am now studying Media at City College Plymouth but after living here for two years (in the rain) we got the itch to move again and have chosen to move to Spain in June. But this time I won’t be living in Spain permanently as I hope to go to a university in England hoping to become some thing I so badly want to be: A Cameraman or a Director.