My Dog Dylan



Dylan is a Pyrenean Mountain dog and believe it or not only 2 years old. We bought him in France when we lived near the Pyrenees. He was in a little pen in a massive barn full of sheep and lambs. He was one of eight puppies, we had asked the owner if we could have a male so she would lift up puppy by puppy to check.  Not an easy task as they were all rushing to the front and she would laugh saying that she thinks she was just picking the same one up over and over again. When she finally found a male she put him on the floor and he was off and out of the barn before we could even say hello. I remember the advise my grandmother gave me, that you should never pick the most lively dog… as they are the hardest to look after, so we waited. Even when the daughters of the owner brought the run away dog back we knew he wasn’t the dog for us. No, our dog was the only dog not at the front of the pen but the sleeping fluffy puppy right at the back happily dreaming away. She picked him up and put him on the floor, he didn’t run, he didn’t cry, he yawned and walked straight over to us, straight to me it was then I knew this dog would be ours.

We called him Dylan because of his character, he is a calm sleepy dog but has moments of madness but the thing I love the most about him is how protective he is. He rushes over to see us if we make any sound he does not like and he will bark the house down if he thinks this person should not be near our house.He is my gentle giant.

He is the best dog I could ask for, he may be very difficult sometimes but I do love him! Also he is such a poser for the camera which makes great photos for me.


Dylan at 8 weeks old.

Small photo

Dylan at 2 years old.



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