Night out in Valencia

The other night I went around Valencia and took lovely photos of the city in the dark. Their buildings were so beautiful and stunning and I loved how they lit up the churches giving them a eerie feeling to them.

(Photos taken with iPhone)

img_1657 img_1658 img_1662 img_1666 img_1670 img_1672 img_1661 img_1655


Garden – Valencia

We visited this lovely garden in the summer where they had rare flowers and plants as well as some beautiful trees. This garden was extra special as cats live inside . As you walk around you can spot cats often sleeping under trees, in bushes but sometimes just walking around eyeing the birds. What else can cats ask for?

Do you need a video Editor?

I have just joined People Per Hour where you can ask me to edit something for you. I can video edit and sound edit. I have been trained in Plymouth City College in Media where I learnt all the stuff I need. I have edited all my videos on the website as well a music video and a radio ad.

I also LOVE editing! and this really shows in anything I edit and I will take the time to make sure your project will be done the way you want it.

If you need anything editing in film then click the link below and get in contact. Can’t wait to hear from you!